It’s a jungle out there

Just a ten minute drive from our luxury property development close to Golf Son Gual you will find Natura Parc, a privately owned nature park that houses a vast mix of wild animals found both in Mallorca and internationally. With more than 8 acres of land, the park has been created to look like a rainforest with abundant trees and water features offering cool shade for the animals and also visitors.

Open all week, the park’s main aim is to educate visitors on the animals that are rescued and safely boarded following traumatic lives of being abandoned, abused or simply unable to be introduced to the wild. The centre dedicates itself to help raise awareness, educate people and give the animals a second chance at life. There are also breeding plans with certain species that support other countries and their own eco systems that in the future will ensure the safety of specific breeds.

The park also try and involve their visitors with the animals by arranging feeding times for Lemurs and some of the birds. Visitors can enter the specially built habitats at certain times and assist and view the animals at their feeding time. The zoo has an easy to navigate trail that takes you around the entire site, past farm animals with an area to pet them, the lion and tiger enclosure where you can safely observe the big cats and learn about each of their stories and the bird areas where you can actually enter and see them up close and personal.

With ample parking, a barbecue area, bar and picnic area, Natura Parc is great for a fun, family day out. Animal lovers will also have the opportunity to help further by visiting the nearby domestic animal rescue centre where both canines and felines can be adopted and looked after by volunteers.



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